Yale Link Bridge

Yale Link Bridge is an active device use to pair with Smart Door Locks that have Yale Link Module installed to enable the remote capabilities of the Smart Door Locks. The User must have an Internet Service to access the Smart Door Lock interface remotely through the use of an app which called Yale Link App.

Features & Benefits:
     • Users can Lock and Unlock the Smart Door Locks remotely.
     • Users can check the Entrance History of the Smart Door Locks.
     • Users can control Smart Door Lock settings.
     • Users can receive Smart Door Lock status.

Guidelines to Use:
     • The product is compatible to 220V.
     • Avoid placing the product to a humid environment.
     • Distance from Smart Door Lock to Yale Link Bridgenot more than10 meters.

     • YDM7116
     • YMI70
     • G-SLIDE
     • YDM-4109+
     • YDM-3109+
     • J20+