Yale Bluetooth Module (Version 2.2)

Yale Bluetooth Module (Version 2.2) is a plug-in device for compatible Yale Smart Door Locks to enable it's Bluetooth capability. Through Bluetooth the user can control and monitor the Yale Smart Door Lock via Smart Phone with the use of an application called Yale Link App. (Optional) Yale Smart Door Lock with Bluetooth capablity can also be control and monitor remotely by the user as long as there's an Internet Access and the Yale Smart Door Lock is connected to the Yale Link Bridge.

Features & Benefits:
     • Users can control and monitor their Yale Smart Door Lock through Bluetooth.

Guidelines to Use:
     • Yale Bluetooth Module must be installedand registeredcorrectly to the Yale Smart Door Lock.
     • User must download the Yale Link App to access the Interface of the Yale Smart Door Lock.

     • YDM7116
     • YMI70
     • G-SLIDE
     • J20+
     • YDM4109+
     • YDM3109+

Product Specifications

be paired with a mobile phone or Yale Link Bridge

Battery Not needed
Size 4.7cm (W) x 1.5cm (H)