YRD226 - Deadbolt Smart Lock

YRD226 - Front
YRD226 - Front
YRD226 - Front
YRD226 - Front


Various Access
Dual access (Pin Code and Key Override)

Remote Control (Optional)
Remote control is available for separate purchase. It is using Wireless Floating ID technology that works up to 50m.

Touch Keypad 
Wake the device with your palm and leave no trace of fingerprints 

Internal Forced Lock
It is a security-enhancing function that 'disables' authentication methods such as passwords, RFID cards and fingerprints from outside when setting up functions indoors.

Automatic Locking
After the door was closed, Yale smart locks automatically locks after 3 seconds. (Manual operation is also available.)

Low battery alarm and emergency power supply terminal
It warns in case of low battery with alarm and LED icon. When the batteries are completely discharged, you can easily supply emergency power to the lock with a standard 9V battery.

Product Specification
Type Deadbolt
Fingerprint None
Card None
Mechanical key 2
PIN code Up to 25 different codes
Color Silver
Thickness 35-45mm, suitable wooden door.
Backset 60-70mm
Front body dimension 80 (W) x 139 (H) x 69 (D) mm
Back body dimension 80 (W) x 139 (H) x 69 (D) mm