YDM7220 (5-in-1 Access Smart Lock)

Features & Benefits

Always in the know
The activity feed in the Yale Access App tracks how and  and when your door was locked or unlocked.

Control who has access
Give access to people you want to let in or out whenever you're not home.

Keep your home secure
Check if your door is locked from anywhere.

Various Access
YDM7220 has 5-in-one to access the lock Fingerprint, Pin Code, RFID Card, Key Override, Smart Ecosystem (via Yale Access app - Optional).

One-touch Fingerprint Verification Method (Easy Scan)
Easy Scan technology has been applied to conveniently read a fingerprint in one touch.

Bluetooth - via Yale Access app (Optional)
YDM7220 is compatible with Bluetooth access available on your Smartphone (with Bluetooth module).

WiFi supported - via Yale Access Bridge (Optional)
Remotely access your smart lock from anywhere. Able to track when & who accessed your door and connect your Smart Lock to your Smart Home System.

Automatic Locking
After the door was closed, Yale smart locks automatically locks after 3 seconds. (Manual operation is also available.)

Voice Guide Feature
Voice Guide lets you know the operation status and how to set each features and modes.

Touch Keypad 
Wake the device with your palm and leave no trace of fingerprints

Alarm (Break-in / Damage)
80dB alarm goes off if anyone attempts to damage the lock, force the door open. 

Fake PIN Code
To prevent the PIN Code from being exposed, it allows you to enter Fake numbers before or after entering your actual PIN Code.

Mechanical key override (2 keys)
For emergency, it can also be unlocked with a mechanical key.

Product Specifications
Type Mortise lock
Fingerprint Up to 100
RFID Key Tag Up to 100
Mechanical key 2
PIN code 4 - 10 digits
Color Black
Thickness 40-80mm, suitable wooden door.
Backset 60mm
Front body dimension 68 (W) x 335 (H) x 64.5 (D) mm
Back body dimension 72 (W) x 344 (H) x 36 (D) mm
Door Type Wood or Metal
Handling Reversible (Left or Right)