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We are trusted by millions of people to keep the things that matter most - our homes, families and belongings - safe. Every day. We were there for your grandparents (and probably theirs), and we will be here for you and the next generation. Because when we do things, we do them properly.

We invented the locks 180 years ago

Most likely, you have used one of our locks. Linus Yale created the pin thumbler lock in 1840 and we have manufactured them since then. Thanks to our long heritage, knowledge and drive to always improve, we are one of the oldest brands in the world today.

And we continue to innovate

We know locks in and out. But we also know technology. This is why we continue to innovate new products and services to protect our belongings. Today, we connect our locks, cameras, CCTVs and safes to smart thoughtful eco-systems, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind, every day. 

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